Discretionary trusts are just one of the many types of trust that Keystone Trust set up and administer. The use of these trusts still continue to be an extremely useful addition to your estate planning portfolio and an excellent way to manage and preserve wealth.

With income tax rates remaining high the Government is focused on Inheritance Tax (IHT) to increase the tax take.  Inheritance Tax is a voluntary tax which depends on your resolve to avoid it rather than your inability to do so.

The nil rate band, which is currently £325,000, has been frozen since 2009 whilst asset prices have increased greatly. More and more individuals are quietly falling into the net.

Many families’ assets consist of the accumulation of real estate through a number of investment properties.  Property prices have increased considerably over the last 20 years and continue to do so.  This is becoming a major tax issue on death.

The use of trusts continues to be an excellent planning tool for both IHT, capital gains tax (CGT) and income tax planning.  They are also extensively used to preserve and protect the family’s assets by ensuring the assets pass to the correct people when they have the necessary maturity to inherit.


  • Protection of your family wealth
  • IHT savings
  • Ability to defer CGT
  • Income tax savings through the shifting of income onto children and/or grandchildren
  • Potential stamp duty land tax savings over transfers into other structures like a company

If you feel that your circumstances reflect any of the examples above, get in touch to discuss how a trust can help you manage and pass on your wealth.