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Trust Set Up

We offer a range of services to find the best trust for every client and guide you through the process of setting up and managing your trusts, regardless of circumstance or trust type.

Our key questions concern:

  1. The assets you would like to include in your trust – these can include properties, valuables including cars, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, investments (including stocks and mutual funds), life insurance, business interests, intellectual property rights, foreign assets, and interests in professional corporates.
  2. Possible trustees – the trustee has legal authority over trust assets. We offer professional trustee services so you know that the trust will always be managed in a responsible, impartial manner.
  3. Beneficiaries – this should be a list of all the people or entities who will receive benefits. The benefits can be split evenly or each beneficiary can receive a particular percentage or asset, according to your preferences when setting up the trust.
  4. Terms – the trust deed prescribes the rules that govern a trust, permitted uses for the assets, and the powers of your trustee. You can decide to pay benefits in a lump sum or via an income stream (for example). As part of setting up your trust, we will advise you on the options available and ensure that your trust deed reflects your preferences for the future of the trust.

Professional Trustees

While you can appoint a lay trustee to oversee the trust, a processional trustee such as Keystone Trust can offer stability, continuity, experience, and impartiality. We will ensure that your wishes are completely upheld throughout the lifetime of your trust, as well as handling any sensitive issues that may arise as a result of disputes or changes in your family’s circumstances.

A professional trustee has no existing relationship with your beneficiaries, and is far less likely to release money under pressure or make decisions based on emotional responses rather than following the requirements laid out in your trust deed.

Terms of Your Trust

You can choose the terms of your trust, down to the application of your assets and who they can go to. We offer a range of trust types, interest in possession trusts, including charitable trusts, school fee trusts, bare trusts, and discretionary trusts to ensure that your assets are used to improve the future for your family and your chosen beneficiaries.

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