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Trust Outsourcing

Trust administration is one of our gem services.  Our experience, knowledge and efficiency allow us to offer outsourcing services to other professionals within the Trust industry.  We have invested in IT systems and technical expertise in order to develop a platform which enables us to provide an efficient and cost effective service.

Our Trust outsourcing platform is geared to relieving you of the administrative burden of running a Trust, leaving more time for you to develop the client relationship and focus on core client planning opportunities.  By working closely with you we ensure timely delivery of all trust administration tasks and in so doing enhance client service in what is a very competitive industry.

By working closely with together you will feel that we are your own back office Trust administration team.

We offer a flexible service ranging from one-off assignments to a full Trust administration service which can be white labelled.

Our services can be tailored to your specific requirements and include:

  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date accounting records;
  • Preparation of annual accounts;
  • Tax compliance including completion of tax returns, calculation of liabilities and preparation of tax certificates;
  • Completion of all IHT forms and CGT holdover claims;
  • Dealing with all transactions including distributions to beneficiaries;
  • Corresponding with trustees, beneficiaries and investment advisors;
  • Other administrative matters required by a professional trustee including regulatory and anti-money laundering compliance.

We focus on value creation and lower cost delivery. If a full outsourced function would help you free up resources and focus on more profitable work, or if we can help on a one-off assignment please contact us.

Let us blow you away with our cost effective outsourcing solution and how we can transform your trust management service.



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